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Does your company need a new website? We help small and medium sized businesses build and maintain a modern, responsive* web presence. We provide affordable websites that help your business grow, because we know what being a business owner entails and we want to help you succeed. 

*definition of responsive: website looks good on mobile, tablet, and desktops.

Does your business sell online, or want to sell online? We are experts in helping your business build an online store. We have helped brands grow locally, along with helping others grown globally. 

You have a website, now what? Your customers are searching on google, bing, and if your website is not appearing you are missing out on converting these potential customers, into customers.

Does your company want to be on the top of google? Do you want to target customers that are looking for widgets in Portland, OR or for tires in New York? We can help your company develop a plan to effectively use your marketing budget to most effectively reach your targeted demographic.

About Flying J Media

Welcome to Flying J Media, specializing in helping business’s tame the tech of business ownership and make a name for themselves online. We can help you build an online presence for your business, that will not only look amazing it will help convert your visitors into customers through strategic user experiences. We look forward to speaking with you further about your needs! 

Customers reviews

Justin has been a super star to work with, his attention to detail, professionalism, and turn around time has been none short than stellar!
Damian Escobar
Professional Musician
Justin is the expert help I was looking for! My only regret is that I didn't do this years ago!

Zack Hample
Baseball Professional
Justin was able to build us a website that has everything we are as a company with a great user experience.
Eric Dids
Creative Director

Graphic Design


Web Design

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Zack hample

Professional Baseball Nerd

damian Escobar

Professional Musician

Urban Misfit Ventures

Professional Video Productions

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Most frequent questions and answers

Since every website is different, our prices vary. We have a few packages priced at $500 and $1,000 but these may not fit everyones project. Our initial consultation is free, so we encourage you to contact us to talk.

You want your work done correctly, and we want to get paid. How can we ensure everybody walks away happy?

By asking our clients to put down a deposit before starting work assures you’re actively invested in the business relationship. It also gives us more of an obligation to finish the work the best we can so we can get the rest of the payment. Deposits solve the conundrum above so both parties leave happy.

While your site will be designed and built to be easily managed using all Squarespace-supported components, if you desire, we can also maintain your site for you.

If you need advanced training or a Webmaster on-call, we’ve got you covered.

With every site we deliver, we also consider the hand-off process. We will make sure you’re comfortable with editing and creating new content, so we record custom training along with every project.

No. The reason we love Squarespace is the same exact reason you love Squarespace— because you can manage all of the content yourself WITHOUT HAVING A COMPUTERENGINEERING DEGREE. When designing and building sites, we build EVERY SINGLE AREAto be maintained by you, using all the built-in content tools (“Blocks”) provided by Squarespace.

All our sites are fully responsive and retina-display-ready. So no matter whether you’re showcasing your work on your Windows laptop, Android phone or iPad Pro, you can be confident your mobile-optimized site will always show your content in the very best light.

The design process naturally consists of phases. We will create a design draft and ask you for feedback. Revisions are then made with the goal to move closer to the best end result for the project and its audience.

In other words, revisions are part of the design process and they cannot (and should not) be avoided. Rather, they should be done purposefully by keeping in mind the project’s objectives.

Here’s how we at Flying J Media define a round of revision for our clients: 
Once a design draft is presented, the client has a specified number of days to provide their feedback. Once all of their comments, ideas and questions are consolidated and we provide a new version, that’s the end of that round of revision. So, a “revision” includes all the conversations/tweaks to that version.

We have confidence in our process and our ability as Designers to “read the room”. We typically never exceed two revisions, but can adjust our agreement accordingly.

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